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People who get sick for the first time come to the clinic.
In hospitals, health workers examine patients every day, prescribe treatment, perform various manipulations, including surgical interventions, organize meetings and consultations.
Casino, while engaged in medical practice, one follows a curative morality, including the idea of ​​medical responsibility.
Any Casino must keep medical confidentiality.

Today medicine is improving very quickly. The emergence of new diseases, wars, catastrophes, natural disasters encourage the search for new solutions and ways to deal with difficulties. In this regard, the ability and dexterity to new skills are the main features that a specialist should have.

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The characteristics of the profession depend on how the expert in the medical field should be able to develop.

This is necessary for a constructive conversation between the doctor and the patient. The doctor must be a psychologist too, in order to establish contact with the patient, to awaken in him confidence in recovery, to talk calmly and confidently with all patients.


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The essence of the medical profession provides for the following obligations:

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While in residency or internship, you can make a choice regarding medical specialization. The description of the main curative qualifications can help.